Fort Revere Park
Hull's Greatest Landmark

Welcome to the Fort Revere-Fort Independence Park Preservation Society website. We are an organization working to raise awareness and improve conditions at Fort Revere Park located atop Telegraph Hill in Hull MA. Fort Revere Park is partly owned by the Town of Hull and, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Many decisions need to be made in order to facilitate care and restoration of Fort Revere Park through available funding sources to bring this landmark back to it's former glory. If you have not been to the park, please visit Telegraph Hill in Historic Hull Village to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, panoramic views of Boston Harbor and reminders of past military history. Our current goal has been accomplished. During the October 15, 2015 Hull Special Town Meeting called for by citizen’s petition, over 500 citizens voted YES in unanimous support of ARTICLE 4. In order to facilitate care and restoration of Fort Revere Park through available funding sources, we the voters of the Town of Hull MOVE that the Board of Selectmen take all steps and actions necessary, by working with the Hull Historical Commission, the Fort Revere Park and Preservation Society, the Hull Historic District Commission, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the National Park Service, the Boston Harbor Alliance, the Legislature, and the Congress, to reach an agreement under such terms and conditions as the Board of Selectmen deem in the town's best interest, which finalizes and implements the Town transfer of ownership of the Fort Revere Park Water Tower and all Town owned parcels within Fort Revere Park to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), or nominee, for sole ownership, and to further petition the General Court to designate Fort Revere/Fort Independence State Park as part of the DCR Nantasket Beach Reservation and/or the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park System. Parcels include: Farina Road, Farina Road parcel ID#'s 56-040, 56-042, 07-060, 07-062, and that portion of Cemetery parcel ID# 07-006 bounded by the Fort Revere bunker wall, which shall remain as currently zoned as “Public Open Space”. This petition in no way contemplates the transfer of private property to the DCR. Private property parcels include: Farina Road parcel ID#’s 06-014-A, 06-014-B, 06-014-C, 56-041, 56-043-A, 56-045, 56-046, 56-050, 56-052. Our next goal is to gather signatures online from all citizens in the greater Boston area. Please click the link to the PETITION page above and fill out the information. This online petition is directed at the Department of Conservation and Recreation/Commonwealth of Massachusetts to facilitate care and restoration of Fort Revere Park and open the Tower through available funding sources. The abutters of Fort Revere would like to thank the Hull Town Meeting Voters favorable action on Article 4. There was unanimous agreement that it would be beneficial to the park to have one governmental owner in the area in order to ensure the care and custody of this historic treasure. Article 4 clearly states that the voters petitioned the Selectmen to take all steps and actions necessary to finally accomplish the goal of care and restoration of Fort Revere Park through sole ownership and available funding sources. Article 4 listed all the stakeholders who the Selectmen should work with to accomplish the goal, and suggests inclusion into the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park system. Article 4 requests the Selectmen to accomplish the goal by being able to set terms and conditions in the best interests of the Town of Hull. This language was taken from the land swap Article 34 passed at Town Meeting on 5/5/97. Article 4 seeks to codify the Town Meeting action taken in 1997 when the Town authorized the Board of Selectmen to enter into a land swap agreement for the Town owned parcels in the Fort Revere Park in exchange for the paved parking lot in the middle of the Hull Redevelopment Authority land. The unanimous vote in support for Article 4 is a good step forward to move along a process which has been stalled for 18 years. Chapter 291 of the Acts of 1998 is the land swap statute which should be enacted to finalize and implement the transfer which will facilitate the care and restoration of Fort Revere Park and compensate the Town of Hull with a valuable beachfront property. There is no time like the present to preserve our history. The Hull voters made it very clear that this should have already been be done by now because it is the LAW. We want this finalized As Soon As Possible. Please help us raise awareness and preserve this historic park.
Fort Revere Tower and Park

The Bastille Day Celebration and Rededication of the French Marines Memorial Monument on Saturday July 9th, 2016 was a great success!


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